7 Main Steps To Improve Your Online Custom Clothing Store

Integrate Best software for more sales in Online custom clothing business

In today's Fashion world, there is an enormous number of software that state to help business people to occur more sales in custom clothing business.
But at the end, if a software does not actually help you to increase your sales, then business owners does not consider it is an asset. So, before choosing the software, business people should be very clear while searching the software with more features to increase your custom clothing sales in your website.
The main primary goal for every clothing business people is to boost up the sales in Online. Yes?
Then, don’t neglect to read this article till the end who really want to increase their custom clothing store in online.
Complete solutions for the clothing business owners who want to improve their website:
Many business owners will be facing struggle to increase their sales.
They may rise up question like, "I have started an online custom clothing store, …

Top Saree Design Software & Tool in 2019

Hit your online saree design business competition with the help of Fit4bond

Today, saree is a Indian's tradition fashion worn over from south to north and East to west. All women and girls love to wear saree and also it is exported in other countries.

Whatever, western outfits are there but still women never get failed to purchase saree. Sarees are worn by 90% of women and it is the most gorgeous outfit for any women.

Everyday, so many varieties of sarees are arriving in the market like designer sarees, bridal sarees, traditional sarees, wedding sarees, party wear sarees for women. It has become huge demand in the market.

The days are gone where customers used to buy in shop. Nowadays, customers are moving forward to purchase their saree in online whether it may be a ready-made saree or custom-made saree.

As you know, many varieties are available now but still customers are looking something different in saree design. Because of this, customers are starting to designing their saree …

Best online tailoring script in India - Fit4bond

Revamp your Online tailoring website with Fit4bond

Do tailors ever felt there is a competitor around you in every corner ?  
Competitors are getting succeed in online tailoring business in a short period of time by following the dream of their customer needs.
You may ask, how competitors know what customers expecting in online tailoring website?
Want to know about this? Check out here.
Well, As of now current generation, customers looking forward to design their clothes in online whether it is made-to-measure or ready-made outfit.
Why because, they feel like its a waste of time going to physical tailor shop. Technologies are changing day by day, everything are coming in online platform!
During working schedule, they are making their own time to purchase in online just by sitting in-front of computer or laptop.
While coming in online, what customers are expecting in online tailoring website?
Firstly, customers should never get bored of your website. You should keep on updating the current t…

Want to boost up Custom clothing sales by using best Augmented Reality App?

            Augmented reality app in custom clothing industry

Augmented reality is a hot trend technology that every custom clothing business owners should admit.
As you know, clothing has no end it grows day by day. customers becoming more demanding and sophisticated. 80% of customers expect business people should launch AR app both in-store and online.
Why because, most of the customers are likely to feel their products in real time with the help of Augmented reality app, before adding to the cart.
How Augmented reality helps in custom clothing industry?
By integrating the augmented reality app in your custom clothing industry, it helps customers to buy their products easily. Once, a customer customized their product, they feel how the product will look on them whether it will suit or not? To avoid all those confusion, business owners can integrate the augmented reality app in custom clothing industry.
With the help of AR app by simply holding the mobile, by capturing the camera on fa…

Virtual Reality App - A Game Changer for Clothing Industries

Virtual reality app development : 

Virtual reality is one of the hottest emerging technologies to attract your customers.
Virtual Reality app is more alluring for many business people because their thought is, in future they can earn more profits if they could find the right base ball to built their fashion industry.
Before pondering into virtual reality app development,  
What exactly is a virtual reality?
Well, Virtual reality is something unnatural created using software, that is tendered to your customers, in such way your customers belief and admit it as real view which is really not.
How Virtual reality app works in fashion business store?
Virtual reality is a sure-fire way of creating memorable customers and gain mass market in industry. Making your customers to look their detailed product description of what they are buying and allows them to see in all angles via app.
In a simplest yet, its shown in the form of 3D dimensional view. Customers feel very convenience while shopping …

Built Your Own 3D Body Scanner Measurement App with Fit4bond


3D body scanner app is the next level of generation for online tailoring/fashion store.
Any customers, who hate shopping in online why because, without perfect measurement it really hard to buy clothing in online.
Entrepreneur, By installing 3D scanner app in your tailoring/fashion business, you can feel the difference before/after how customers getting interact in your website.
But for some, the idea of installing the 3D body scanner app is not new! But if your looking for latest features you can check out this article.
HOW 3D body scanner app works?
DO you have any idea?
Let me tell ,
3D body scanner is very easy to take perfect body measurement via app. It helps Customers to take their own measurement less than a minute.
Once customer chooses a design, next step is taking measurement !
By integrating 3D body scanner app in your online tailoring/fashion store, It helps customers to scan their own measurement themselves in real-time via app.I…

Boost your Online tailoring website with best wordpress plugin

Wordpress plugin for Online tailoring business :

In a wordpressor woocommerce website, choosing the good plugin for online tailoring business that puts you in the right seat.
Tailors, do you want to revamp your tailoring store with best word-press plugin in your website? Check out this blog !
Instantly, many of the tailors are moving into online platform. Some tailors, consequently starting their online tailors with latest technologies.
Still, some are not familiar with current technologies to built or to start up their tailoring business.
Right now, it is easy to start your tailoring business in the form of wordpress plugin. Having the right set of plugin will help you to grow your online tailoring business.
Do you want the best wordpress plugin for your online tailoring business?
Fit4bond -wordpress plugin provides the best online tailoring operations into word-press site. We provide latest features in the form of word-press plugin.
By using our plugin, tailoring owners can add options …