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SIEGEL: What are the things that the players want in the way of a suit, any suit design it via online tailoring platform, then only you can able to get customers. apart from being the right size and fitting them well. What are the styles that they're looking for, and where do you draw the line in terms of what you'll design for them?
 Custom Tailoring

ALCHABAOUN: Well, it all depends on the guy. I mean, some of them go to their mothers, or their grandmothers choose it. And I have a type of guy that wants to go so extreme that I have no say. And some of them want to be very flashy, very loud and that's it. They're set.

SIEGEL: Well, you know, I mean, they're not auditioning for law school here, so why not go as flashy as you can? What do you say to them?

ALCHABAOUN: I try to let them know that these pictures are forever. This year in particular, this class is quite interesting (laughter). It's a different type of generation. They're '90s kids. Their style is different, and some of them know exactly what they want, and there's no way you can change it.See more.....


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