A New Way for the Custom Tailors to Develop their Tailoring Business

The New way is nothing but the Suit design tool by integrating this tool to the Online tailor store make the revenue increase for the custom tailors  Suit design tool for the custom tailors is a complete business solution that makes easy for the customers to design their own suits with their opinion and buy their favorite suits online without any hassle. Using this tool, bespoke suit wearers now able to select their suit colors, fabric, style and design for their suits.

Some of the Fanabulous Features of suit design tool:
Fabric Selection -
User can select a fabric from the available collection. Use can have lot of choice to select the fabric for their suit. There are 200+ fabric collection. He can explore through a variety of options such as Microfiber, wool bend, 100% wool and luxury wool to select his desired fabric.
Suit Design -
This is the most amazing feature for the user to design their suit .It lets end-user to design a complete suit with their opinion. It provides end-users with everything from selecting a perfect fitted suit, lapel selection, pocket selection, sleeve button, vents, bottom cuts etc. Also, the end-user can select the design for trousers matching for their suit using this option.
Contrast -
This facet of the suit design tool enables end-user to add some uniqueness to the suit designed by them.
3D View -
User can see the product preview from both front and back sides using this 3D option.
Measurement -
Everyone likes to wear a perfect fit. This feature enables end-users to provide right measurements by the virtual fitting 3D room for the end users to provide the measurement of the suit. It provides end-users with two options. User can select any one of them and get a perfect fit. Also, he can select the quality of the product and add directly to the cart.
Add to Cart- Add to cart is one of the final option for the end users to purchase their suits. Once finishing customization, user can add product easily to the cart and order it.
Other Features
User csn use the Virtual fitting 3D room to give their measurement for the perfect fitted suit.
Highly User Friendly front-end dashboard.
Fully customizable solution for the custom taillors as per business requirements.
Responsive Designs for all the end.
Flawless Integration with any CMS.
Integrate with your Payment Gateway Account.
Integrate this Best uit Design tool to yourr ecommerce site to develop your tailoring bsiness and to allow the user to design their own suit for their choice..


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