Built Your Own 3D Body Scanner Measurement App with Fit4bond


3D body scanner app is the next level of generation for online tailoring/fashion store.

Any customers, who hate shopping in online why because, without perfect measurement it really hard to buy clothing in online.

Entrepreneur, By installing 3D scanner app in your tailoring/fashion business, you can feel the difference before/after how customers getting interact in your website.

But for some, the idea of installing the 3D body scanner app is not new! But if your looking for latest features you can check out this article.

HOW 3D body scanner app works?

DO you have any idea?

Let me tell ,

3D body scanner is very easy to take perfect body measurement via app. It helps Customers to take their own measurement less than a minute.

Once customer chooses a design, next step is taking measurement !

By integrating 3D body scanner app in your online tailoring/fashion store, It helps customers to scan their own measurement themselves in real-time via app.Instead of providing the detailed body measurement to the store.

Practically, it captures the height and weight through 3D body scanner app. Once the measurement is taken, it showcase in avatar model how they look with their apparel.

Well, this makes every customers to get excite while shopping !

Want to integrate the 3D body scanner app?  

3D body scanner app is easy to get, but make sure you have the perfect one installed with latest features.

Fit4bond provides the best 3D body scanner app for both iOS|Android with unique features. By using our app, it make your customers to take neck, thigh, leg,arm, waist measurements and they feel very comfortable.

Business entrepreneur, can maintain your customers measurement for the future use if they visit again in person.

Fit4bond - 3D body scanner app features :

* Self-body scanning

* Point to point measurement

* Real-time captures body measurement in 360 degree

* Display like 3D avatar model

* 100% Mass customization and many more

Do you want to take free demo for 3D body scanner app ?


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